Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kuselan audio release - CHANse ILLA (!)

The audio release function of Kuselan was held in Chennai on 30th June, 2008, and the audio was available for sale from the very next day. Rajini fans from all over lapped up the audio with glee with the result that within 24 hours, all the 2 lakh audio CDs & casettes of Kuselan were sold out, according to BIG Music, the official distributors of Kuselan audio. Thanks to my friend Sundar and his blog for the Kuselan audio sales FIR and the above photograph.

I give below some of the highlights of any Rajini movies' audio release & sales:

1. For a Rajini movie, there will be either no formal audio release function (eg. Sivaji) or the function will be held in a simple fashion presided over by relevant personalities (like Asha Bhonsle for Chandramukhi or A.R.Rehman for Kuselan)

2. Audio function will be predominantly surrounding Rajini & Rajini only. This shows the producers' confidence in their movies' hero Rajini & his mass pulling power unlike other actors(?), whose producer will have to depend on foreign actors & other personalities to drum up support & hype for their movies and its audio.

3. Irrespective of who is the music director, all Rajini movies' audio will keep scaling greater & greater heights. Its only a Rajini films' audio which can break the records created by a previous Rajini film's audio. Like Padayappa, which broke Badshah's audio sales record, Padayappa's audio record was broken by CM, whose record got broken by Sivaji. Now, its the turn of Kuselan, to break Sivaji's record. While Badshah's music was scored by Deva, Padayappa's & Sivaji's music was by A.R.Rehman. While CM's music director was Vidya Sagar, it is G.V.Prakash, who has wieleded the music baton for Kuselan. The bottomline for all these record-breaking audios is RAJINI, RAJINI & ONLY RAJINI that matters. If the music director & the film's direcot are smart enough, they will know how to score music for a Rajini movie, keeping in mind a typical Rajinifans' wish. Though ARR faltered on this in Baba (though I liked the songs of Baba), he recovered in Sivaji, thanks to Shankar's street-smartness.

4. No other actor(?) can expect his fans to be at the audio shops' gates at 5 a.m. on the morning of the audio release in order to get their favourite actor's film audio CD in their hands & listen to the songs. This happens only for Rajini & happens consistently without fail. No wonder, Kuselan is on the road to eclipse Sivaji in audio sales record for a Tamil movie. I'm sure Kuselan is going to beat Sivaji in double quick time too.

5. According to the BIG Music's CEO, no other Bollywood movie has got this much response to an audio release function like he has witnessed on the day of Kuselan's audio release in Chennai. The result is knwon within 2 days thru the above official advertisement about the sale of 2 lakh audios of Kuselan on Day 1 itself.

6. A Rajini movie achieves such a record even though Rajini is supposed to come only for 40% of screen time in Kuselan. Compare this to other actors(?), who want to gobble up 125% screen space to themself trying to show-off their talent(?), but still ending up with egg (or is it plaster-of-paris) on their face.

7. When any function relating to a Rajini film is conducted, it does not just remain an event but metamorphs into a celebration, attracting even the national media & becomes headline news. It fills up reams of pages - in print, electronic as well as the web media. Thats the power of RAJINI & HIS MASS.

Finally, Kuselan's songs have already created huge expectations about the movie and its release is even more eagerly awaited now. It has already started creating nightmares for other actor(?) and his movie. When Kuselan ultimately releases in end-July, the other movie will be packed-off for good from wherever it manages to run till then & consigned to its reel-boxes to Rest In Peace.