Monday, April 27, 2009

சும்மா Time-pass மச்சி !!!

Whether one enjoys the ongoing IPL-2 in South Africa or not, how can one NOT enjoy the spicy goings-on 'behind the scenes', particularly if it involves Sourav Ganguly and his KKR (Karachi, err..., Kolkatta Knight Riders) team-owner Shah Rukh Khan? So, those of you who already don't know about this thru newspaper columns, here is a blogger who gives you juicy & hot news about the rumblings & ramblings from the most intimate 'vantage point' possible - yes, he claims to be a KKR player himself (!). He is a blogger who seems to be clever, tech-savy & witty. He has his favourites & not-so-favourites. Simply put, its fun & for pure time-pass.
So, if you are the one to know about whats going on behind-the-scenes in cricket teams, have a blast.

Oh, its just so ........ Microsofty

I happen to come across this blog-post which describes, in vivid detail, how even techies are clean bowled by Microsoft in simple & mundane matters such as plugging a device.  Is it what is called a "Microsoft Tax"?

Its amusing that Microsft has recently gone to town with ads comparing PCs with Macs & tom-tomming that PCs are cheaper than Macs.  Microsoft even ridicules with a white-paper calling the price difference due to "Apple Tax".

But, does anyone really care about a gadget's price as long as it delivers the value perceived by them?  Here is a proof that, with or without recession, some deivces such as Apple's iPhone, are still selling hot and the reason is their perceived value to the user.

Is anyone listening at Microsoft?