Sunday, August 31, 2008


The survey on Unethical JV has been a resounding success.

For this, I would like to Sincerely THANK all of YOU who have voted overwhelmingly to make this survey a grand success.

I also take this opportunity to thank SundarJi for highlighting about this survey in his blog "" and urging all Rajini fans to participate in it.

My thanks are also due to Ramki and Shanjahan of, THE site for all Rajini fans to converge & share their views about Rajini, for the way this survey has been prominently displayed in their homepage, which paved the way for many Rajini fans to participate.

Last but not the least, I thank Raja, Kalyan & Dharma, who have collaborated with me & helped me in conducting this survey, without whose contribution, this would not have come to fruition.

I know all of you will be eagerly waiting to know the results of the survey. Sorry I could not release the results as promised on 31st August, 2008, due to reasons beyond my control. Don't worry. The results are getting ready and will be published in the next post.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Request for Re-Participation in Survey about JV

Due to the overwhelming response from you all to my survey about JV's unethical tactics & false propaganda against Thalaivar, the survey tool I used could not handle the volume of traffic forcing me to upload the survey with a more stable & reliable tool now.

I have accordingly uploaded the survey which is embedded in the original blog post itself.


Here is the link to my original blog post on Survey about JV.

My sincere apologies to all you people who voted enthusiastically. For the sake of Thalaivar, request you all to once again register your opinions without any reservations.

Thanks to all of you.


"We are of course extremely proud of him, proud of his achievements, but more proud of him as a person, for the way he coped with those achievements".

This was told by John Bradman, son of the legendary Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman, abou the way the Bradman family is still being amazed at the high regrad the Australians have for The DON.

Even all true Rajini fans the world over will feel the same way about Thalaivar and be proud of Superstar Rajinikanth and his impeccable behaviour in spite of extremely odd situations created against him by some vested interests in Tamilnadu who simply cannot tolerate his continuing mass popularity.

I am sure the general public is also watching all the happenings being orchestrated against Rajini & they will give the right answer at the right time to all the detractors.

The Century The DON could never reach

Today (27th August, 2008) is the Birth Centenary of The ONLY Legend in Cricket, Sir Donald Bradman, referred to as The DON.

The man with the midas touch and with an impeccable Test batting average of 99.94 and an individual Test highest score of 334 stands really Tall among even the contemporary cricketers.

The DON who scored 29 centuries during his Test career ended up with a DUCK in his last Test innings before retiring. Destiny had it that The DON will not be scoring a Century of Birth Days too. But, even though The DON is not alive to celebrate this Century, his achievements and impeccable behaviour as a person will make all his admirers around the world to Salute The DON & WISH HIM MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY in Heaven.

JAUNDICE VIKATAN - We too can conduct surveys

Due to the overwhelming response received for our Survey about JV, the survey tool could not handle the volume forcing me to find an alternative avenue. In view of this, the survey has been uploaded to a more stable & reliable tool now which is given below. There is only one catch, though. Since the responses of the previous survey tool could not be transferred to the new tool, ALL THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY PARTICIPATED IN THE SURVEY ARE REQUESTED TO AGAIN TAKE THE SURVEY. I know its an incovenience to all those people who gave an overwhelming support for this survey. But, because of the reasons above-mentioned, I humbly request all friends to ONCE AGAIN participate FOR THE SAKE OF THALAIVAR and TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW FILTHY MAGAZINES LIKE JV ARE PERCEIVED by all. I sincerely apologise for this inconvnience and request you to once again participate in the survey.

Those who are disgusted with Jaundice Vikatan (JV) and its false propaganda & one-sided survey against Rajini, can vent their ANGER against JV here. Yes Buddies, I have designed a survey exclusively for Rajini fans & other fair-minded citizens, who are disgusted with JV Group's unethical journalism.

So, what are you waiting for? GO & HAVE FUN AT THE COST OF JV.

This survey is open till 12:00 Noon IST on Sunday, 31st August, 2008.

The results of the survey will be published on the same day.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

KUSELAN - A Fantastic Family Entertainer

As I had already seen the Malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol, I knew that Kuselan, its reamke in Tamil, will give Rajini a great opportunity to showcase his acting skills & my hopes have become true. P. Vasu has utilised Thalaivar in a proper manner and brought out the "actor" in Rajini to the fore in Kuselan. A real surprise to me in Kuselan is that P. Vasu has refrained from resorting to any of the usual and typical Rajini-film ingredients like fights, punch dialogues & style, etc. since he has more or less adhered to the original story line.

The first half of Kuselan is moving a bit slowly & the comedy sequences do not inspire any laughter. Vadivelu's comedy is of so-so variety only.

Rajini gets introduced only in the 45th minute. But the intro has been handled well & was electrifying to watch. The BGM enhances the viewing experience of the intro scene wherein Rajini rides a horse on a desert & even in a Multiplex, the audience could not resist shouting, whistling & dancing in their seats. Thanks to P.Vasu for a terrific intro scene of Thalaivar. I found it a much much better intro than Sivaji.

The second half of Kuselan moves faster than the first half as Rajini's presence is more frequent in this part of the movie. I was eagerly waiting to know how P.Vasu would have taken the scene of Yhalaivar's meeting the school people at his guest house. P. Vasu has taken it intelligently and used it to convey Rajini's point of view on some questions plaguing the minds of Rajini-baiters. Yeah - more than Rajini fans, his detractors are more interested or rather worried about Rajini entering politics, his frequent trips to Himalayas, etc. Rajini answers these questions in his own inimitable style & when the questioner keeps on showing-off his political connection to Rajini, at one point Rajini even warns him that he will beat him. I thoroughly enjoyed this part.

The last two scenes of Kuselan climax are simply fantastic & moving. It is quite a while since Rajini acted in such an emotional scene where he has to shed tears. In Kuselan, Rajini has stolen the hearts of every viewer with his stupendous acting. Hats off Thalaivaa - please give us such off-beat performances once in a while.

I felt Pasupathy displayed more or less the same expression throughout the movie & I found his acting very artificial. Nayantara does her part neatly. Meena, Prabhu & others are just add-ons only. Livingston & gang are trying to induce laughter but fail miserably due to poor dialogues. However, dialogues in some other scenes & the climax are well-written.

Arvind Krishna's cinematography is excellant & goes with the mood of the film. Songs have been picturised very well and G.V. Prakash's re-recoding is also very good & in tune with the mood of the movie.

P.Vasu has done a neat job. If he has concentrated well on the dialogues of comedy sequences and edited out some unwanted scenes in the first half which are a drag, the movie would have been more taut.

Of late, P.Vasu is becoming a climax specialist - at least as far as Rajini movies are concerned. He is making the audience to go into total silence in both Chandramukhi (out of fear) and now in Kuselan (due to emotion). The climax scenes in Kuselan (about 20 minutes towards the end) will melt anyone with a kind heart. And Rajini scores well in the climax of Kuselan & people will come out of the theatres only thinking about Rajini's close-up expressions.

Overall, I think Kuselan will be lapped up by ladies & family audiences all over. However, anybody who goes to watch Kuselan thinking its a Rajini movie, may be disappointed.

I am happy that Thalaivar has boldly tried to give a different movie & through Kuselan he has taken a risk like Raghavendrar but it is upto the fans & general public to give their verdict whether they want Rajini to try out different characters & move away from his usual larger-than-life characters. Since the investment in Kuselan is rumoured to be very less (around Rs. 6 crores without Rajini's fees), what better occassion for Rajini to try out something different than now?

Over to the fans & public to give their verdict on Kuselan.