Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dasa audio riding piggyback on Sivaji audio

Wow!!! What a site to behold for a Rajini fan!
I happened to walk into Calypso Audio shop in Bangalore's Jayanagar area today & I was elated to see a promo card attached in the Tamil Audio section of the shop.
The card reads as under: HURRY! BUY "1 DASHAVATARAM & 1 SIVAJI" For Rs. 150/= only.
The normal price of a Dasa Audio CD is Rs. 99/= & that of Sivaji is Rs. 100/=. Together they are being offered for Rs. 150/= thru this Bundle offer.
What does this convey? DASAVATARAM AUDIO IS A FAILURE & could NOT SELL ON ITS OWN. It needs to be pushed into the market. And who better to push a new Kamal movie audio than SuperStar Rajini's Magnum Opus, Sivaji audio.
When I enquired with the sales person in the shop as to the reason behind this bundle offer, he said they are doing it to push the sales of Dasavataram audio CDs. When I asked him is Dasa audio sales so bad, he said it sold well initially but still they are left with huge stocks which was not moving out as expected by them. So, they have to come out with an offer like this to push its sales. When I enquired why they chose Sivaji audio for this bundle offer with Dasa, he replied that since Rajini movies' audio generally sells well and particularly since Sivaji audio was a roaring hit, they bundled Dasa with Sivaji. Lastly I asked whether they have unsold stock of Sivaji audio too to bundle with Dasa. He replied in the negative saying they used to order certain number of Sivaji audio periodically even now because Sivaji audio sells even today at certain numbers. So, when the latest lot of Sivaji audio arrived at their shop, they bundled it with Dasa CD & came out with this offer.
This is an eye-opener even to an ardent fan of SuperStar like me. All said and done, I believed KamalHassan is also a big draw, even though not up to Rajini's standards. But, I never expected, a Kamal movie's audio (a brand new one at that) will fail like this and needs to be propped by a Rajini movie audio (an old one) in order to push it into the market like this.
If Kamal can't pull masses to sell even his brand new movie audio, what sort of star is he? I think all Kamal fans should at least now understand the reality & realise their actor's limitations.
The failure of Dasa's audio also means that those huge sums spent on audio promotion during Dasa's audio release function have gone down the drain. No wonder, "Ex-Oscar" Ravi is already shivering with the news of SuperStar's Kuselan release being pre-poned to mid-July from the earlier mid-Aug. release date.
Dasavataram's release is now deliberately being postponed to avoid clash with IPL and hence may get released in first week of June, provided all its legal hassles are over by then. If Dasa gets released in June beginning, and Kuselan release is pre-poned to mid-July, then Dasa will probably fold up within a maximum of 5 weeks by when most theatres would want to shift to Kuselan by stopping Dasa in its tracks. What a pity it will be for Dasa.
A movie which was touted as a first of its kind with 10 roles played by an actor & produced at a whopping cost of Rs. 60 crore & promoted with a huge budget of Rs. 20 crore, Dasa's audio itself should have fired from the word go. But, the way it is received in a lukewarm fashion in the market, doesn't augur well for the movie too.
Bad Omen this definitely for Dasa & Kamal fans.


Deeptha said...

dont underestimate d movie even b4 its been released.s it is true dat d songs of dasa hv not been very successful. but actors or (SUPER)STARS, rather, hvnt got nething 2 do wid d composition of songs. sivaji songs were a hit mainly b'coz of a.r.r. d music director of dasa, himesh reshammaiyya, is not as good as a.r.r. so its not doing well. i do agree dat sivaji songs were a hit b'coz of rajnikanth (and D HYPE U GUYS CREATED 4 HIM AND D MOVIE!!!). but all d credit goes 2 d music director not d actor starring in d movie bcoz actors dont sit in d recording studio for hours together and break their heads 2 compose a tune!

pradeep said...

I strongly disagree with Deeptha. Sivaji audio was hit becos of superstar alone. Why jill inu oru kadal did not becme a hit though arr was the MD. There are many such examples. Superstar is the only person who has such power-Even a simple word uttered by him will become instant mega hit. Superstar need not go and sit in recording studio as if the MD come and sit while the song sequence is done. His name alone is enough to pull the crowds and moreover he is the only actor who need not go and promote his movies in various TV channels unlike kamal who has to promote his movies(whether it will work,god only knows).
May be superstar should start promoting other actors movies so that they get global attention and for some good collection at BO.
It is a god given gift to superstar. Noone can do anything

Simple_Sundar said...


Really a fantastic news. After Sivaji, no movie has created record in sales. Hope Kuselan will do that.

rdharma said...

Some actors defnitely influence the music, like MGR used to insist on the type of songs he require and Kamal also interferes a lot with the Music, so if despite that the final out put is not satisfactory the stars of the movie who interfered also need to share the blame.

Amazing info Arun, I am surprised that Shivaji audio is still in demand.

Sampath said...

Adraa sakka!! Adraa sakka!! Adraa sakka!!! I wanna reiterate - "PIZKAVUM RAJINI.. PAZIKKAVUM RAJINI"
Your post is spot on. We hardly hear to dasa saon even in radio channels.. Padamum appadi aagama irundhaa seri!!!

murugan said...

well as you are leaving in bangalore when i was in bangalore vetaiyadu velaiyadu was released and i went 15 minutes late on FDFS & got the ticket no such luck for sivaji only after the first week ordinary people got tickets that too at higher price than normal ones this is the mass of our thalivar

saurav said...

Superb one, ha ha ha, other's can't even pull Rickshaw, that is the truth,

prongs said...

WHOA !!! I find myself disagreeing whole-heartedly with Pradeep and the others after

him. I don't understand how Ranji sells the music of the film. Maybe the only way Rajni

is involved with the songs is by dancing in it.

According to Pradeep's logic, i feel very surprised that ROJA and MINNSARA

KANUVU wer bigger musical hits than Sivaji. Din't Aravind Swamy, not a very famous

actor, and Prabhu Deva, better known for his dancing than acting, act in them ?!

And Rang De Basanti, a gud movie.. not exceptional, has done damn well in its music only

because of ARR, even though its cast is a set of small-time actors.

Deeptha is spot on when she says ARR sat hours, days, weeks, months together to

compose the music of the film, and you people come and say the music was a hit because

of ur THALAIVAR. I find that amusing.

Thank you.


prongs said...

and i forgot to add in my previous post... can anyone here please tell me the name of the hero in the movie, SANGAMAM ??

Most of the people here dunno his name ( or maybe now they'll GOOGLE that name nd tell here as if they know ), but isn't it ironical that the music of a film of such an unknown hero is considered damn gud, with ARR getting so many awards for it ???

Thank you again.