Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rajini Fans should Thank Kamal

I'm sure my subject line will be perplexing to many people. But, don't be surprised because Rajini fans are indebted to actor Kamal, who is taking revenge on behalf of them against a person, who insulted a Thalaivar's movie recently.

Many people would not have forgotten how the MD of Pyramid Saimeera Group, in a function to commemorate another Tamil movie, Mozhi, has spoken in a very demeaning fashion about the way other commercial movies were running successfully. Instead of
heaping praises and laurels on a well-made movie like Mozhi, this gentleman spoke very badly about the successful running of Sivaji, even forgetting that his own company has been distributing the very same movie in some of the territories of TN & reaping crores of rupees as profits too.

At that time, some Rajini fans sent protest letters to this person & subsequently his office sent a clarificatory/apology statement. If this person & his company had any courage of their convictions, they would have refrained from doing business in, according to them, run-of-the-mill masala movies. But, on the contrary, these shameless people have gone all out to bid fiercely & bagged the wholesale distribution rights of Thalaivar's Kuselan/Kathanayukudu recently.

This act of theirs proves director Ameer's rhetoric "Pizhakkavum Rajini - Pazhikkavum Rajiniya?". Whenever they want money in their kitty, they need Thalaivar & his movies. But, it is also the same Thalaivar & his movies, who are their favourite bunny to beat around with, whenever they want to pose to the world as saviours of Tamil cinema. What kind of hypocrytes are they?

But, everything has to come to an end one day & even if legal courses are not available or not resorted to, like in this case, there is something called Nartural Justice, which comes into play to even out matters & put people in their rightful places.

Through sheer coincidence comes the latest news that Thalaivar's contemporary & his professional competitor, Kamal, will be doing his next project called Marma Yogi (MY) a.k.a. Marudanayagam, if latest reports are to be believed, on a first copy basis and it is Pyramid Saimeera who will be producing the same by investing anywhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 120 crores.

It is reported that Kamal himself will do the story, screenplay, dialogues & direction of MY, which will have ARR as the music director. It is also announced that the story happens in the 6th century A.D.

all Rajini fans should thank Kamal for coming to their aid by taking revenge on Pyramid Saimeera like this.

As the career track record of Kamal proves, in almost all the projects in which he handled all the above departments, particularly direction, the producers had to eat the humble pie & if some of them are financially surviving even today, it is due to some miracle. Moreover, as the project cost increases, the chances of recovering it also dimishes, making it that much more difficult for the film to become a hit or superhit or blockbuster. If the movie happens to be an experimental one or a difficult to understand kind, without any commercial elements added to it, the majority of the audience may not like it. All these are normal traits one can attach to Kamal, the director/story-teller/screen play writer and hence the chances of MY financially surviving are extremely dim. Added to this is the choice of ARR as its MD. Except Lagaan, none of the historicals in which ARR was associated with as the MD, has clicked at the BO.

So, all this does not augur well for Pyramid, who have jumped into the MY project at the eleventh hour, replacing the Hollywood Studio Walt Disney, who were originally supposed to be producing this movie. Thus, in all likelihood, Kamal is going to drain out Pyramid Saimeera group to the tune of Rs. 120 crores in the next couple of
years and the recovery of that sum is a BIG question mark due to the above-stated reasons.

So, is it not fair to thank Kamal for this act, which is akin to taking indirect revenge on Pyramid Saimeera, by draining them of Rs. 120 crores & making its recovery a Billion Dollar (or is it Rupee) Question?


r said...


Super Write-upppppp.

Lets all gear up to welcome KUSELAN THE BOSS, in a very grand manner (adhu thaane namma styluuu)

Kameswara Rao said...


Its really pathetic that people does not learn from others mistakes. Though I am happy that Pyramid Samira is the next target of Kamal after Bharat Shah / Dhanu / Aascar Ravi ...... but I feel sad also that it will be a costly lesson for them.


M Arunachalam said...


Its like knwoingly general public going & investing in Chit funds ostensibly lured by the "high interest" advertised by them but finally ending up as even to struggle to get back their principal amount in full.

Same way, these producers delude themselves that Kamal is a saleable actor or at least they can sell the movie at first level to other distributors for a profit but finally end up with egg on their face & loan with their bank/money lender.

priya said...

lol... i had always thought i was the vettiest person in the world... u just proved u are one up!


r said...


Unga profile photola kooda irukkaravar unga twin brotheraa???

Vasumathy said...

well said priya. Kurattailaye ennamaa yosikkaraar paarunga. vettiest person in the world Mr.Arun.

Kalyan said...

Kamal etha partha,, this is CHAOS Theory nanchirpar

M Arunachalam said...



He is my mirror brother