Thursday, November 27, 2008

Patriotism by ACTION

Yesterday's terror strikes in Mumbai have been unprecedented on more than one count. Though this is not the first terrorist attack happeneing in Mumbai - some reports indicate that there were six major terrorist attacks in Mumbai since the March, 1993, serial bomb blasts - the latest terror strike seems to have been carried out in a qualitatively different level.

1.  WAR ON INDIA BY TERRORISTS: For one, this time, the terrorists are not anonymous people (like many rogue commenters in blogs).  They have come in groups and opened gunfire & hurled grenades & bombs on crowded areas, without bothering about being captured.  This, according to me, is a clear signal by the terrorists to Indian State that they have declared War on India.

2.  WELL-CORDINATED NETWROK:  As the terrorist attacks have been cariied out across South Mumbai at 12 different public places - many of them already under high security - and with precision and co-ordination, they have shown the world that they have a well-oiled & co-ordinated network with latest and high quality weaponry at their disposal as also highly trained people (Jihadis) to carry their cowardly act.

3.  STRIKE AT INDIA'S ECONOMY:  The terrorists seem to have trained their ire this time on Mumbai tourists - mainly foreigners (Westerners).  It seems they want to kill two birds with one stone - One, to scare away the Western tourists from coming to India and at the same time take revenge on them for their countries' strict anti-terrorism measures.  Second, to strike at Mumbai, the Commercial Capital of India, and by targetting tourists & their likely places of stay in Mumbai, they want to strike at the base of India's flourishing economy & the support India gets from Western countries - particularly from the US.  They want to show that India is no different from Pakistan, where the Jihadis carried out a dastardly act on a five star hotel killing hundreds of people recently.

All the above shows one thing clearly - that the terrorists PERCEIVE INDIA AS A SOFT TARGET.  This is because of the following reasons:

1.  There are no tough anti-terrorism law.  Whatever was their like POTA & before it TADA, have been annulled by the "secularist" UPA Govt. in order to garner minority votes at the cost of country's security.

2.  The prevarication of UPA Govt. in NOT hanging the Supreme Court convicted terrorist Afzal Guru - again for garnering minority votes.  So, now terrorists seem to think that even if they are caught(!) and then convicted (!!), they will have the sympathy of Sonia Gandhi, Commies, "secularists" & "media" to ensure they are not hanged.  Provided, these terrorists belong to the "right community".

3.  There is no strong leadership in India.  Manmohan Singh, even though he is called the Prime Minister, is constantly under watch by the Super PM Sonia.  Sonia goes by the words of her cronies & other corrupt politicians like Lalu, Paswan, Karunanidhi, etc.  None of these people have ever shown any willingness or blodness to tackle terrorism related events with a firm & iron hand.  All these people have been regularly hob-nobbing with terrorists of some kind or other like Karunanidhi never speaks against LTTE or takes firm action against those speaking for LTTE.  Same is the case with Sonia whose daughter secretely met her father's killer & convict Nalini in the prison.  These kind of people only rule India today & we, the general public, are under their mercy.  So, any terrorist worth his salt, will get his first stint in India only and then graduate to other tougher places.

As concerned citizens, if we want to put a stop to these kind of terrorist attacks, we have to do the following:

1.  We should GO TO THE POLLING BOOTH & VOTE on the voting day.

2. We should, starting from today itself, canvass with our friends, relatives & other acquaintances, to enquire whether they are registered voters and if not, persuade them to get registered immediately.

3.  When the elections come, we should urge all our friends, relatives and other acquaintances to GO TO THE POLLING BOOTH & VOTE on the voting day.

Only by making more people to register & vote when elections come, can we ensure that a Government, which we think or perceive is capable of taking a firm stand on matters of country's security, comes to power & start taking firm actions against such terrorist outfits.

Till such time, if we allow the commies, secularists & corruptors to dictate matters, they will concentrate only on their selfish goals and will not bother about the security of India.  After all Commies live for the welfare of China, Sonia is for Italy and Karunanidhi will sell India or TN, provided he gets the right price.

It is high time, WE, AS INDIANS, TAKE THE MATTER IN OUR HANDS and DEMOCRATICALLY THROW-OUT THE INCOMPETANT & IMPOTENT UPA GOVT. TO THE DUSTBINS & usher in a new and competent alternative, which has the will to tackle terrorism head-on.



kppradeep said...

Dear Arunji,
Excellent post. I agree with you 200%.
Also to be taken into account is the main flow of money to pakistan is through cricket matches. No country is willing to play there. Now they want to show to the world that India is no better than pakistan.
Manmohansingh has been given permission to call himself PM by the liar lady from Italy. He is the ardent follower of ANNA-He has what is called "ethaiyum thangum idhayam" which actually we should have for having these kind of jandus as PM. He does not get rattled and he simply condemns the blast and will tell us "please stay calm and be united". Then he is silent and waits for the next blast to occur and will issue the same statement.
The ATS was busy trying to nail sadhvi while these animals sneaked into mumbai.
One more thing why is the government not providing bullet proof vests, helmets and other protective gears to the police and NSG commandos?. is human life in general and indian life in particular so cheap?. If you have to work in mines you have to wear helmet and see our cricketers how many protective gears they wear.
Lets show this government the door as they have so much hesitation in enacting a stiff anti terror law like POTA. They have a stupid argument that just becos we enact POTA terror attacks will not stop. I will ask one thing we have law against robbery, corruption, rape and has all these things stopped?.
Lets participate in the election and vote this govt and their supporters out

paarvai said...

Dear Arun,
This is excellent post and made a strike and reader's mind. We, Indians , wherever spread in the Globe, should come together and tear out the impotent UPA govt. I dont know how long our politicians going to talk "secularism" and support this minorities....what will they do if a revolution happens amongst the majority Hindus? I am hoping that our nation will safely in the hands of a true patriotic INDIA soon. God bless our MOTHERLAND. Jai Hind.

rdharma said...

Your words reflect the anger and frustrations that ought to be going through the minds of every innocent,hapless and vulnerable state of condition under which an average citizen lives in India. The politicians get Z cover security while those who voted for them are punished with bomb blast. Really shattered and frustrated to note the events at South Mumbai having lived 500 meteres closer to the place which is now a war zone. Shame on the state of security provided to people back home. No words of condolence is going to soothe the pains of families who lost their innocent members at this dastardly act of terrorists.
Dharma with deep regrets from Singapore


Dear Arunachalam,

Your "Patriotism by Action" is simply superb.

Especially for people in states like Taminadu where both Congress and BJP are marginal players, the situation is worse.

Also I have doubts regarding the media reports on Mumbai tragedy. Just as the electronic and the so called secular media tried to equate one unproven Malegon " Hindu Terror" with Jehadi terror,
I doubt whether the Pakistani involvement is deliberately planted to absolve the Indian Mujahideens to protect the vote bank.

gopi said...


I echo your thoughts.

War in the name of ......... and killing the innocent people is definitely unacceptable.

Your write-up is fantastic and almost reflects what is in millions of people's mind.

Despite all these cowardice acts by the so called terrorists, if we dont vote to a Government which take stern action on the people who indulge in these activities and serve for the country and its welfareness, then :


The need of the hour is

1. To implement a strict LAW (may be like POTA etc), so that people involves in such activities will have some fear or other.

2. Local goons and their unpleasant activities, who support them should be punished instantly.

3. More strict actions to be taken by the local police and they should be allowed to work freely without any interruption / intervention by the local politicians.

4. People like Kuruma, Kanunai Illa Nidhi, Goyya, Komaan, Dumeer should be punished severely for violating and speaking always against Govt. and its decisions.

5. People like K... V... G..u (who was evicted in all cases against him, by the Govt.????!!!!,) should be immediately arrested again and booked under POTA act (keep him in jail for atleast few years), so that others aiming to bash the Govt. and influence violence will stop doing the same, in future.

6. The so called rowdies doing everything with the help and support of the local politicians to be shoot at once (may be in encounter), so that others will fear of doing anything, in future. Anyone spotted collecting funds by threatening other people including vendors should be arrested and punished mercilessly.

7. TASMAC shops should be closed during daytime and may be (please note, may be), opened only after 6.00 p.m. and to be closed definitely by 9.00 or 10.00 p.m., so that the VELAI VETTI ILLA GROUP will go and work during daytime (if they intend to do some).

8. All theatres should be closed during daytime and only 2 - 3 shows should be allowed, thereby making the school / college going boys and girls to concentrate in their studies.


Naarya said...

Cudnt have agreed more. These terrorists have had enough ammo to last 2-3 days of full fledged battle with the Indian Army. Its a pity that while there are men fighting for the nation....few others are putting us on auction in exchange for wealth and power.
I believe Education (and not necessarily literacy) is a the biggest answer to most of our issues.


kppradeep said...

Arun sir,
I would like to add one more thing-the arms supply to these terrorist organization should be cut off.The whole world has to come together and all nations which are producing these deadly weapons should regulate/restrict their sales so that these do not reach the wrong hands. Every sale must be accounted and by targeting at source we can bring down all such incidents.

Vasumathy said...

Yes, When I agree with you on pariticipating in the election process will certainly do a lot more good in bringing a competent governance, I feel as the people of this country we all need to blame ourselves for being very passive. We never try to be systematic and always have a "chalta hai" attitude. Emotional dialogues and reactions are all we need and accept in a crisis situation. We should accept the fact that the politicians alone are not to be blamed. What we have done? Even when we got caught in overstepping a traffic signal how many of us pay the fine? We try to adjust the traffic cop and get on with our work. This is just an example of our attitude towards the system. Such small lapses lead to the present crisis situation. We need a systematic change both from the people and the government.
Secondly we dont have a visionary leader to day to lead the people. There are many individuals who inspire us today but none has the guts to enter politics. It is not enough that you have good intentions. Society will be benefitted only when you execute. When such people who have the support of masses shy away from politics, we will end up with psychopants governing us like now. Thirdly how many of us want our kith and kin to go to military and armed forces? All the so called nation lovers, I would like to ask how many of you ever thought of joining armed forces? I feel today it is necessary for each and everyone of us to have some basic military training. Armed forces does not need only improvement in machinery it also needs manpower which is the basic requirement. And not but not the least educating the illiterate. Our country needs thinking people. Education makes to you to think. only thinking people can elect thinking government. And the thinking government will certainly have a proper vision. So like insisting for voting I request all of you readers to insist on education amoungst our society. We can start it from our home only with our maid servants, drivers, servants etc. When the slum dwellers think b4 vote, the number of corrupt politicians will certainly come down.

EE. RAA @ Rams said...

Dear Arunji,

Let us have the last hope in the coming elections, atleast


Raja said...

Arun. excellent article and good analysis.
//terrorists are not anonymous people.
Yes. we need to change our strategy against terrorism.

Blogstospeakout said...

Dearest Arun,

I read one post and keep reading the posts. Your writings are superb and real. If we some actions based on your writings, that is great.

I think one more real GANDHI to born and lead the country, not d GANDHI's.

Thanks again.