Monday, April 27, 2009

சும்மா Time-pass மச்சி !!!

Whether one enjoys the ongoing IPL-2 in South Africa or not, how can one NOT enjoy the spicy goings-on 'behind the scenes', particularly if it involves Sourav Ganguly and his KKR (Karachi, err..., Kolkatta Knight Riders) team-owner Shah Rukh Khan? So, those of you who already don't know about this thru newspaper columns, here is a blogger who gives you juicy & hot news about the rumblings & ramblings from the most intimate 'vantage point' possible - yes, he claims to be a KKR player himself (!). He is a blogger who seems to be clever, tech-savy & witty. He has his favourites & not-so-favourites. Simply put, its fun & for pure time-pass.
So, if you are the one to know about whats going on behind-the-scenes in cricket teams, have a blast.


கிரி said...

நான் இந்த twenty-20 பார்ப்பதே இல்லைங்க அருண்.

M Arunachalam said...

Welcome Giri.

Even if you don't watch T20, why don't you go thru that blog which I referred in my post, which gives juicy tid-bits?