Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ஓட்டமெடுத்த உல்லாச நாயகன்

தனக்கு தயாரிப்பில் சம்பந்தம் இருந்தாலும், இல்லாவிட்டாலும், தான் நடித்த படத்தினால் விநியோகஸ்தர்கள் நஷ்டப்பட்டால், உடனே தானே முன்வந்து அவர்களின் நஷ்டத்தில் பங்கு கொள்ளும் "ரஜினி" போன்ற பிழைக்க தெரியாத மனிதர்களுக்கு நடுவில், "லாபத்தில் (மட்டும்) எனக்கு பங்கு கொடு; நஷ்டம் வந்தால் ஆளை விடு" என்று கூறும் "நடிகர்கள்", தமிழ் திரை உலகத்தில் போற்றப்படுவது காலத்தின் கொடுமை என்பதைதவிர வேறென்ன கூற முடியும்?


R.Gopi said...

Well said ARUNJI

Recently i read a article saying ULLAASA NAYAGAN has taken hefty advance payment in some crores (KARMAYOGI) and has not returned the same to Pyramid Saimira, hence the financial problem for them.

When they dont produce the movie "KARMAYOGI", he should have returned the same immediately.

Now, another movie announced recently "19 STEPS" with Bharat Bala is also dropped before starting of the movie. The producer escaped with little damage this time.

Last but not least,


Kameswara Rao said...


We should never compare a mole with the mountain... SS has some principles in life he has come from the down and knows the sufferings. Whether they have incurred loss or not but they claim (heartless beasts) according to reports even many Baba distributors who did not incurr any loss were compensated and above all Kuselan was never a loss project for pyramid samira and SS was dragged becos of his generous nature into this..

The last few lines of Gopi Nallavaraga illadavar Kettavar than the opposite of Good.

Ulaga Nayagar (?!*&^) policies, principles and cunningness of a jackal continues to be the same.

I don't want him to suffer but you cannot fool all at all times.. A day will come where he has to lick his wounds..

Arun Kumar said...

Good post ArunJi.

our super star should not be compared with anyone. he is great,


Dear Arunachalam,

Please do not forget your Super Star is one of the richest fellows who only invests in Real Estate. Kamal has invested his entire wealth in Film industry.

Why are you obsessed with Kamal?
If you do not like him just ignore him.

M Arunachalam said...

//Please do not forget your Super Star is one of the richest fellows who only invests in Real Estate.//

Hello Communist,

Since when "investing only in real estate" has become a crime? after all SS is NOT opportunistic or uncourageous like your Komali.

If you have conveniently forgotten, SS has produced more than half-a-dozen movies. Nowadays, it is believed that he takes "a share" in the movie's profits/losses along with the producer and/or director.

Diametrically opposite to the news I highlighted in this post, wherein it states your Komali Hassan wants a "share" in profit but not in losses.

//Kamal has invested his entire wealth in Film industry.//

But, Rajni himself is a "One Man Film Industry". So, its for others to benefit out of the "Industry".

//Why are you obsessed with Kamal?
If you do not like him just ignore him.//

I will be the last person on earth to be obsessed with a "being" like your Kamal. Also, I don't want to miss an opportunity to 'highlight' his misdemanours. And I intend to continue this "social service" in my blog.