Wednesday, October 8, 2008

இதுதாண்டா அரசாங்கம்

Foolish & Ostrich-like Communists in West Bengal have now squandered a great opportunity to revive industrialisation in their state, ironically, by getting repaid in their own coin by Stunt Queen Mamta Banerjee. Though I don't agree with her views & action on giving land to Tata Nano project in Singur, I feel really, really happy that A COMMUNIST GOVT. IN INDIA IS LOSING FACE WITH POTENTIAL INVESTORS WORLDWIDE. Good Omen for India's future.

The icing on the cake is what was a LOSS to a Communist State Govt. was quickly converted as a GAIN for a BJP State Govt. of Gujarat. EAST (India) LOST TO WEST (India).
The speed with which the Govt. of Gujarat run by CM Narendra Modi moved & seized the opportunity is unbelievable. The GujaratGovt. has purchased huge tracts of land running into several hundred acres in a place called Sanand, near Ahmedabad, by paying compensation to land owners, most of them farmers, and then SOLD it to Tatas at current market rates. All this happened in two days flat. WOW!!! What a fantastic achievement by Modi's Gujarat Govt. and they have shown to the world that even a State Govt. in India can act quickly like a private company normally does in decision making & implementing it.
Every other State Govt. in India or a CM worth his salt, should try & emulate Modi & his Govt. for the speed with which they acted swiftly. Kudos are also due to the Gujarati people in that area, including farmers, who have voluntarily given up their land for the project. These people have shown the foresight required to understand the long term benefits once the Nano project takes off, in terms of direct & indirect employment, industrialisation, likely increase in their overall purchasing power going forward, etc.
I am sure the Karnataka Govt., which is also ruled by BJP, would not have matched the Modi Govt. in the speed & swifitness of decision making as well as implementing such a mammoth task in two days. Nor, for that matter, any other State Govt. in contention for the project. May be, just may be, Jayalalitha, if only she was in power & wanted the proejct for TN, might have done the impossible. I am telling this because of her track record in granting the contract to L & T in mid-90s & getting the present Nehru Stadium in Chennai up & running in record time of just few months.

Anyway, Modi has shown the world & other States, how to Govern. Modi is taking Gujarat to newer heights in industrialisation & if other states can't emulate him fast, they will soon find themselves left far far behind.

Way To Go Mr. Modi. Hats Off.


pradeep said...

super article. Modi is like a CEO of Gujarat. Give him an inch he will take a mile if it helps Gujarat. I happened to attend one of THUGLAQ annual meeting where CHO had told the forum that rajini would be a better CM than Modi. This comparison is not to degrade Modi but to praise Thalaivar

EE. RAA @ Rams said...

Dear Arun,

// I am sure the Karnataka Govt., which is also ruled by BJP, would not have matched the Modi Govt. in the speed & swifitness of decision //

the matter not relies with BJP - Its the spirit and ability of One Man Army - N. Modi.... so obviously he is the toppest CM in the Nation....

E Rams

M Arunachalam said...

Thanks Pradeep & Rams for your comments.


Chennai Vennai said...

Good observation arun, but do u still think Modi is a great CM. The gain for Tata's is undeniable, but I cannot think of a farmer parting with his land (that he owns or owned all his life) in the promise of a job in the distant future...

why all this sir, gujarat-le innum starvation deaths-um irukke. he could have done something about that... The religious tolerance aspect is one thing I dont even want to talk about!

M Arunachalam said...


Of course Modi is a Great CM. When we are used to seeing only "Vaai Pechu Veerans" as CMs in TN, I can understand that it will be tough for many of us to even comprehend & appreciate a Govt. WHICH IS CORRUPTION-FREE & WHICH WORKS - REALLY FAST AT THAT.

Gujarati people are known for their entrepreunarial & risk-taking mindset. So, it is no wonder that those farmers are able to see the larger picture emerging in the near & forseeable future.

As far as the so-called starvation deaths ( I have not seen any such reports) & religious tolerance aspects are concerned, I think there are two sides to any coin & I don't want to go with the biased & "secular" media's stand.

Pl remember that the Indian media is yet to recover from the drubbing they received in the recent Gujarat Assembly elections (more than what Sonia Cong got). The people of Gujarat have given a resounding slap on the media's face for all their bull-shit reporting. So, the media is still trying to portray Modi as a villain to outside world but anybody who can see thru the media's game plan, will simply IGNORE them.

pradeep said...

Super reply to Vennai. In India secularism means hating the hindu's and pleasing others. By congress party's secular policy(minority appeasement policy) you make an average hindu person (who does not care much about his religion) to be much more aware of his own religion and lessens his tolerance remarkably.
No one talks of Godra victims and the swami killed in Orissa

Shankar said...

Dear Arun,
Yes. Thats true. Modi is the best CM and Gujarath becomes No.1 state in India. I hope our state may come like this in future

Raja said...

I have read his speech in (Cho's)Tuklak Function. In the last election Congress announced to give color TV. But I have told i will send the notice to the persons who are all failed to submit the tax if i selected . Even I won the elections that is democratic.