Tuesday, October 14, 2008

மீடியா திரித்த மணல் கயிறு

Super Star has taken a very correct decision NOW going by the above statement released to the press.

In his statement, Rajini has clealry told that he is at present focussing on Yendhiran - The Robot, a mega budget movie. So, if any of his fans want to join politics they are free to join any party of their choice. The statement ends with a typical Rajini punch "Nobody can force me to come to politics; nor anybody can stop me, if I decide to come to politics".

Without stopping there, Rajini has continued the statement with a last sentence "In such a situation (when I decide to come to politics), I will welcome all my fans from whichever party they are from". This shows his intent and as and when he starts a party those fans who want to join with Rajini can do so.

Following is my take on Rajini 's above statement:

I think Rajini has issued a Statement of Intent for the future. After his off-the cuff answer to NDTV Reporter's question in the presence of PM during last year, when he said that if God wishes, he will don the role of a politician, this statement goes one step further with his intention. Good augury for the future.

I have been of the opinion that NOTHING POLITICALLY HEAD-GOING HAS HAPPENED RECENTLY to start this "Rajini should come to politics" campaign in the first place. All these Tamasha are the handiwork of (First) Dinamalar news in Sep'08, (Second) fanned later by Jaundice Vikatan with an interview with Sathyanarayana and (Third) sustained by Yellow Reporter with its own screen-play subsequently. The "so-called" fans voluntarily fell victim to this sinister business strategy of these monstrous media.

When there was no political or people-related event or disaster has happened or Rajini himself has not expressed any desire or ambition, what exactly triggered this whole tamasha is a million dollar question. So, according to me, this campaign was DEAD FROM THE BEGINNING ITSELF. If anyone seriously believed that Rajini will come to politics at this juncture based on the above campaign, THEY WERE LIVING IN FOOLS PARADISE.

Anybody who knows or follows Rajini will surely know that Rajini never indulges in multifarious activities simultaneously. For that matter, for the last couple of decades he doesn't even act in more than one movie at a time. Even though Rajini accepted Kuselan after Robot, he acted in Kuselan well before the shooting of Robot started. So, expecting Rajini to start a political party or an NGO to do some social activity, WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THAT HE IS ACTING IN YENDHIRAN, is a foolish expectation which was bound to fail from Day 1.

The biggest joke during the last month or so when this tamasha was going on was RAJINI HAS NOT UTTERED A SINGLE WORD ABOUT ANYTHING but still many people, who call themselves fans, willingly believed whatever the cunning media dished out to them. Of course, some of the Rajinifans websites also did their bit to spread the artificial frenzy. May be they would have thought, when so much is happening and if we don't merge with the jothi and if Rajini actually comes to politics, we will be left in the lurch. so, they also played along with popular sentiments, which only increased the fans frenzy further.

I am surprised that many Rajini fans - even educated ones at that - could not see the bigger picture & ask some basic question like: what has happened now to force Rajini to make a decision? Why are we believing these same media which were doing anti-Rajini surveys & reports till recently?

Once a MOB mentality like this sets-up, it will be difficult to control it later on. As far as the monstrous media referred to above is concerned, they did it deliberately to increase their circulation. They know anything with the name Rajini sells. So, whatever bull-shit story they dished out, many Rajini fans, who till the previous day were angry with these same mags for anti-Rajini stories, willingly bought & read them. It is like "Two Mangoes With One Stone" situation for these mags. By publishing about Rajini's so-called impending political entry, they increased their circulation by leaps and bounds. Also, these mags know before-hand that when people ultimately come to know that Rajini has yet again not come to politics, many fans will desert him, which is what they want & thats why they were carrying out anti-Rajini survey and propaganda till recently. Finally, they have succeeded in their game plan by manipulating the foolish Rajini fans.

Without any involvement of Rajini or his statement, these media created their own story of Rajini's political entry & October revoultion etc. When Rajini is finally forced to issue a statement to stop this non-sense, many of his fans start questioning him that he is indecisive, again he has disappointed, etc. Poor Rajini. For no fault of him, now he is being blamed. Did Rajini say that he will announce his decision in Oct'08? Did Rajini say that he will decide one way or another on politics in Oct'08? Without any word or signal or statement of any sort from Rajini, if the fans believed the media stories on their own & then blame Rajini when finally whatever the media reported has not become true, is it correct and fair?

Some over-zealous fans in Coimbatore went to the extent of starting a political party without Rajini's permission, with a name ending with "Kazhagam" in typical TN style. The way they named that party itself proved to me that THESE SO-CALLED FANS ARE UNFIT TO BE RAJINI FANS because if at all Rajini starts a party in future, its name will be anything but KAZHAGAM. Whenever Rajini indulges in politics, he will do it differently & uniquely in all aspects & party name is the first area where he will start showing the differentiation. So, I knew that day itself, that these fans are going to be expelled, which is what is going to happen if they don't mend their ways at least now.

Like some of the Coimbatore fans who started a party, some Chennai fans met secretly & demanded nothing short of a political party from Rajini. All this looked like "digging their own grave". It looked to me as though all these so-called fans were hell-bent on spoiling Rajini's image in public by such indisciplined acts without waiting or giving Rajini an opportunity.

Obviously, Rajini's reaction came the way it should come from anyone who doesn't want to be black-mailed. Yes. All these acts are pure black-mails by the fans. If they thought by doing these things they can force Rajini to enter politics, they must be fools. And with his statement, Rajini has clearly told them to go & join any party of their choice, if they are so much interested to come to politics, since he has to focus on Yendhiran now.

As a reaction to Rajini's statement, some fans have started vomiting some gems like this:

1.  Rajini should not have issued the statement without first meeting the fans. I ask them why this double standard? When fans can start the party or arrange secret meeting without first waiting for Rajini to meet them, why Rajini can't issue a statement of his real intention without meeting them? It is the fans' action, which has spoiled their chances of meeting Rajini & now they don't have any moral authority to question him about the statement.

2. Another vomitter's gem: Rajini has confused again & there is no clarity. Either the vomitter doesn't know English or he doesn't want to understand. When Rajini says that he is at present focussing on Yendhiran, what more clarity you want? He is also categorical in saying that I CAN'T BE EITHER FORCED TO START A PARTY OR STOPPED FROM STARTING A PARTY, IF I DECIDE TO DO SO. He has made it very clear that he can't be forced into making any decision. Which is quite understandable.

If only it was some other actor, they would have made use of the frenzy of the past month & started jumping up & down by now by starting a party without any rhyme or reason. But, Rajini is not just another actor but a responsible citizen of India. He knows that politics is a serious profession & unless one is able to give more than 100% of his time, you can't expect people's support. Therefore, since his present focus is only on Yendhiran, which is mega budget movie of Rs. 125 to Rs. 150 crore worth, he doesn't want to do injustice to the producer & director of that movie. Hence, Rajini has clearly told that as long as he is working on Yendhiran, he will not be doing anything else.

3. One more gem from another vomitter says that "like Kamal said he is not interested in politics,why can't Rajini also say so?"

It is a good joke. Now, I, Arunachalam, hereby declare that I am NOT interested in coming to politics & I will concentrate on my job only.

Whatever weightage my above statement carries, Kamal's statement will also carry the same. Who cares if Kamal is interested in politics or not? Mudavan Kombu Thenukku Aasaipada Koodaathu. Don't ever compare Rajini's political entry with Kamal or any other joker because if Rajini decides to come to politics, he will do it uniquely with well thought out policies & well laid out plans to ensure people benefit if they vote for his party. All other actors are in politics only to convert their black money into white & enjoy the power with their families.


So, whatever has happened in the past month are the handiwork of TN Media and Rajini fans are willing victims & Rajini has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Monstrous media of TN reaped a rich financial reward by increasing their circulation with all false & bull shit stories to increase fans frenzy. Rajini's only contribution in the whole episode is to PUT A FULL STOP TO THE TAMAHA OF PAST MONTH.

Therefore, there is no point in blaming Rajini for this Tamasha, which is self-inflicted by foolish fans themselves. One can sympathise with poor people; but, can one sympathise with fools?


Kalyan said...

Hats off to u.. Arun for this wonderful article.. I have been hearing the same content from u right from day one and hence i appreciate ur thoughts which makes more sense since it is inline with what S* said in his statement.

rdharma said...

Good hard hitting post from you again.It clearly sums up the statement given by Rajini and the poor state of mind of some of the so called fans who can't see the picture clearly.kudos Arun,look to read more from you.

gopi said...


As usual a matured and detailed write-up from you. In my view, the situation got worse because of Rajni only. Anyone who read this will be surprised. The reasons are :

1. Keeping silent for everything.... i.e. when he knows that these monstrous morons like JV and Yellow reporter making stories on him voluntarily to make money (in each of their circulation), he should have openly come out just with a statement, like


But he never did that and his fans fell prey to the so called moron publications.

When he is not openly speaking to media about his position or his decision or his intension, fans are forced to believe media only for any or all news related to news.

In that way, Rajni has made the situation to come to this worst peak level and it was about to burst (some fans started a party itself and some threatened rajni that they will go hunger strike till death etc.,).

You can be DEAF FROG only on certain occasions and only to certain extent...........

Imagine someone asking you a question and you keep on maintaining silence for years years and years ........how you will feellllllll.

In that way, i am also disappointed..... you can be silent, when ?? - some media continuously projecting some news or other.... but till when ?/ when it goes beyond limit and people started believing what is written theree..............

He should not have kept silent for too long is the problem.........

This is just my view and all of you may differ with meeeee......

Karthick Surendran said...

Good Work Arun,

Every Rajni fan should read this. Please try to publish this post in Rajinifans.com as it will reach most of the fans in internet.

M Arunachalam said...

Kalyan/Dharma - Thanks for your comments.


Thanks for your comments too.

As per you, media can, without any rhyme or reason, start unnecessary controversies like this one. And you expect Rajini to come out of whatever he is doing & start answering them?

If he starts doing that, first it will give credibility to that shit report and then media will start unnecessary controversies in order to provoke Rajini to keep on commenting. In either way, there is only 1 beneficiary - media - which will increase its circulation.

As far as fans are concerned, I don't consider them to be so naive to be believing only the media. Because they want to believe it, they have believed. The same fans wanted to protest against JV or Yellow when they published anti-Rajini surveys & reports but were restrained by Sathy. So, all of a sudden the very same media became an angel or Mahatama Gandhi to them to start believing whatever they say? No. The fans thought let us use this opportunity to FORCE Thalaivar to decide one way or the other & hence acted the way they acted.

More than you, these monstrous media know the pulse of a typical Rajini fan & they manipulated them to mint money at fans' cost. Thats all.


Simple_Sundar said...

அருண் ஜி, அருமையான அலசல்.

ஒன்றே ஒன்றை சொல்லிக்கொள்கிறேன்.

சத்யநாராயணன் என்பவரை ரசிகர்களோ ஏன் மீடியாவோ ரஜினியின் ஒரு அங்கீகரிக்கப்பட்ட குரலாகத் தான் பார்கிறார்கள். ஏனெனில் தேவையின்றி வார்த்தைகளை விடும் ரகம் அல்ல அவர். அப்படி விடவும் முடியாது. மிகவும் அளந்து சிக்கனமாக பேசும் மனிதர் அவர். ஜூவி பேட்டியில் கூட அவர் சிக்கனமாகத்தான் பேசியிருந்தார். அவரே சந்திப்பு பற்றி சொல்லவே என் போன்றவர்கள் அதை வெளியிட்டோம். மேலும், ரஜினியை கேட்காமல் அவர் அந்த பேட்டியை கொடுக்கவில்லை என்று கூறப்படுகிறது. தானாக எதையும் அவர் செய்வது இல்லை. ரஜினியின் முழு நம்பிக்கைக்கு பாத்திரமான நபர் அவர். (சின்சியரான நபராக இருப்பதால் தான் 25 ஆண்டுகளாக ரஜினியிடம் தொடர்ந்து இருக்கிறார் சத்தி...)

மேலும் எல்லாம் திட்டமிட்டபடி தான் போய்க்கொண்டிருந்தது. சிலர் ஓவராக போய் ரஜினியை black mail செய்யும் அளவிற்கு போனதுதான் பிரச்னையே.

ஆனால் ஒன்று... இந்த நெருக்கடிகள் நிச்சயம் ரஜினியை சுதாரிக்க வைத்திருக்கும். 2011இல் ஆட்சியை பிடிக்க இப்போதிருந்தே அவர் தன்னை தயார் படுத்திக்கொள்ள ஆரம்பிப்பார். இது தெரிந்து தான் என் வலைத்தளத்தில் நான் ஓரளவு நம்பிய செய்திகளைக்கூட வெளியிட்டேன். அட்லீஸ்ட் மன்றங்களை அவர் சீரமைத்து நேரிமுரைப்படுத்தினாலே என் போன்றவர்களின் நோக்கம் நிறைவேறும்.

என்னதான் ரஜினி எதிர்காலத்தில் மக்கள் செல்வாக்கு பெற்றாலும், ரசிகர் மன்றங்கள் கட்டுகோப்பாக இருந்தால் தான் வெற்றி சுலபமாகும். இல்லையெனில் தலையை சுற்றி மூக்கை தொடுவது போலத்தான் இருக்கும்.

மற்றபடி உங்கள் கருத்துகேற்ப வலைத்தளம் நடத்தும் என் போன்றவர்கள் சில செய்திகளை வெளியிடுவது தவிர்க்க இயலாமல் போய்விட்டது.

எல்லாம் நன்மைக்கே.

- சுந்தர்

M Arunachalam said...

Hi Karthik - Thanks for your comments. I have posted it in Rajinifans. Hope the moderators will publish it.


M Arunachalam said...


Thanks for your comments.

I know how much effort you are putting to gather Rajini-related news & try to give to all of us in a very very interesting manner.

My point on the whole episode has been that, everyone has made a mountain out of a molehill. What was supposed to be a meet with fans by Rajini has been projected as if Nuclear Suppliers Group is going to sanction waiver to India from signing Non-Proliferation Treaty.

My regret is fans have become willing victims by believing this wretched media. Now, these fans are feeling disappointed with Rajini. If only they are sensible people, they should be & rightfully be castigating these media people for giving false reports. I can only pity with Rajini's position & I have no sympathy for these so-called disappointed fans.

I hope, at least from now onwards, all fans will learn not to lose the larger perspective about Rajini. As long as we, Rajini fans, continue to shun the media, we will be better off.

This is my humble suggestion to all fans.


EE. RAA @ Rams said...

Dear Arunji,

//..Also, these mags know before-hand that when people ultimately come to know that Rajini has yet again not come to politics, many fans will desert him, which is what they want & thats why they were carrying out anti-Rajini survey and propaganda till recently. Finally, they have succeeded in their game plan by manipulating the foolish Rajini fans..../

a very neat analysis and great flow....

i just could not control my laugh, while reading the way you expressed your anguish (kusumbu) of comparing the political entry of yours and Kamal....

with luv


pradeep said...

Excellent post and we need more posts from you. Good analysis. I agree with your comment on the fans-If i see a book with tamil letter Ra i used to immediately buy it thinking that Ra stands only for Rajini. I know it is a weakness. But those where the precomputer days. Now we have sundar's, vinojason and arunji's site and we come to know the real details. Still anything connected with Rajini we are not able to ignore and that is the reason why fans fall prey to media. I think fans here afterwords will not believe whatever the perverted media reports. That should be our take home lesson from this episode

Saikrishna said...

cool article...i agree with u completely...i was wondering y wld rajni suddenly plunge in2 politics tht too wen the shooting of endhiran has started.....this aint a normal film n it demands a lot from rajni....

also the name....if vijay starts a political party with tht name i wont give a 2nd look as he copies each n everyone possible...

but rajni just cant start a party with such a name and a not-so-cool flag...

gr8 article again...n these fans deserve 2 b punished for their foolish antics....i mean tht party wid rajni's name was too much...

i dun think rajni will come out in the open and put an end to this...he just needs 2 minutes to put a fullstop without any loopholes...but i have a feeling tht hes gona stay away

Gowri Shankar said...


Wonderful analysis. I thought of putting a detailed post like this in my blog, but after reading yours, I feel that I have nothing new to say. A very clean and a neat analysis. U reflect the thoughts of a true fan.

People who go to the extent of blackmailing thalaivar can never be his fans.

Also, I have posted a chain blog which is now going on among the bloggers. I've invited you to continue. So, please do have a look at the blog and post yours.....


M Arunachalam said...

Raams/Pradeep/Sai/Gowri - Thank you all for visiting my blog & for your valuable comments.


Anonymous said...

அருண், உங்களை ஒரு தொடர் பதிவிற்கு அழைத்துள்ளேன். தயவு செய்து கலந்துக் கொள்ளவும்.

Arulroja said...

Hi All

dear - o -dear what a meet it was ...this is what we missed for years ....
no pre-planned answers ,all the answers which came from our ss mouth were the words from his heart....

+ ve 's

1. this fan meet will happen every year.
2. most of the activities which stopped like organizing events ,phone call answer at ragavendra mandabam will be re initiated
3. super star now having few plans to walk in the political waters (which he stayed away till now)
4. after robo super star will be more available to fans like what he was before 15 years.
5. sathyanarayna will be more available too...
6. cleared many questions which we had in our minds for years.:-)
7. it has given energy tonic to millions who were down in heart due to various events in past few years.

if someone expecting negative section also from me then they have to go empty handed :-)
i don't have any negative thing to say about this fans meet ....all words spoken are not simply words ...each word is a mantra ....i really worship him as God on screen ,now he has sowed the politics seed of seeing our ss as CM OF TN in my heart :-) ....no more vijayakanth,JJ etc , king maker seems to be getting ready to become the king .....fingers crossed ,let those words come from our one and only superstar after robo ....

this meeting should have already made a impact on political field ...let see the outcome in future till robo release from dirty political parties ,vayitherichal parties ,anti-rajini surfers and medias ....

every fan would have been refreshed by this meeting ,no doubt in that ....even few media says our super star played confusion game again ---for all those i just finish with our ss reply itself " for those who are able to understand they will understand , for those who don't want to understand let them act like they did not understand "

I am 100% refreshed with this fans meet ....i also found the same answer from many of fans whom i spoke regarding this fans meet ...hope that is the same feel for all ....cheers "ENNAMO TITAM IRRUKU :-)"

practical Rajini Rasigan