Sunday, August 9, 2009

Apple - The SUPERSTAR (Rajinikant) of World Cellphone Industry

Apple, who is a recent entrant to the World Cellphone Industry with its iconic iPhone, which was launched in June, 2007, is shining like the Superstar Rajinikant. Apple, which is primarily a computer (both hardware & software) company, has 6% share of computer industry's revenues but controls 25% of opeating profits of the industry. But, when it comes to its foray into the cellphone industry, it is shining like the Superstar Rajinikant.

Consider the following statistics, based on the performance in the first half of 2009:

Apple's iPhone unit marketshare in cellphone industry - 2%

Apple's share of handset revenues (sales value) in cellphone industry - 8%

Apple's share of handset operating profits in cellphone industry - 32%

Cellphone industry's average operating margin - 7.5%

Apple's operating margin from iPhone sales - 40%

As per the recent estimations, Apple's latest iPhone model - iPhone 3GS - is supposed to have a operating margin of nearly 60% for its top-end 32 GB model.

iPhone 3GS which was launched in mid-June, 2009, has been selling hot & Apple is unable to meet the demand and hence is postponing the launch of its latest model in several countries.

The above statistics of Apple's share in cellphone industry's operating profits is bound to improve further once the 3rd calendar quarter numbers unfold.

Superstar Rajinikant is also sitting pretty in the movie industry like Apple is doing in cellphone industry.

Rajinikant acts in a South Asian regional language called Tamil.

He acts in 1 movie every 2 or 3 years.

His movies generate revenues several times its cost. (Chandramukhi (2005) produced at a cost of about Rs. 8 crores, generated BO collections in excess of Rs. 110 crores. Sivaji - The BOSS (2007) which costed around Rs. 60 crore, generated BO collections in excess of Rs. 250 crore).

His movies give the maximum rate of profit to its stake-holders like producers, distributors and the exhibitors.

Hailing & practicing in a regional language film industry, Rajinikant, today is rumoured to be the highest paid non-Hollywood actor in the world, even surpassing Jackie Chan. (For Sivaji, he is rumoured to have ben paid Rs. 17 crore as fee plus a share in profits).

So, now read the headline once again, please.


RK said...

Goodmorning Arunji,

Very good comparison. You are showing your different personality thro' your writings. One day you are writing Kavithai, other day Kadhai, Nakkal, Politics, global market comparisons, etc, etc.... Really 2oooo good.

From your blog people gets different things which are very useful & interesting. Keep writing without giving major gaps in between.


EE. RAA @ Rams said...

good comaparison....

u always show variety ji..

Kalyan said...

Great one,

Old Saying..
Eating Apple keeps doctor away

Apple Iphone keeps competition away
When Rajinikanth in Action keeps flop movies away
When Arunji in action, his readers keeps other blogs away

R.Gopi said...

Well done Arun ji

This is yet another masterpiece write-up from YOU.

As you said, Rajni has no comparison and competition.... Shah Rukh, Amir, Salman Khans knows this .... but not the so-called ANDAVAR and his Thondaradi podi aazhvars....

Do write more such write-ups ji...

M Arunachalam said...

RK, Rams, Kalyan & Gopi - Thanks to you all for visiting & for your comments.