Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RED Liquid Smeared on the Face of PINK Chaddi Campaigners

One of the satisfying outcome from the results of the recently held Lok Sabha Elections has been the way the voters in Karnataka overwhelmingly voted FOR BJP and thus smeared RED Liquid (what it means, I leave it to the imagination of the reader) on the face of the "psudo-secularists" and "progressive intellectuals" and "feminists"(?), who recently mounted a vehement, relentless & a shameless campaign called "pink chaddi campaign" against Rama Sena & its campaign against spread of immoral culture among Indian women.

Though the methods adopted by Rama Sena mat not be correct, their campaign against the spread of western culture and, under its guise, immorality among the Indian youth, particularly women, is praise-worthy.  Only those Indians with a deranged mind & a perverted sense of morality can dispute the motive of Rama Sena's campaign.  But, as many of us know, such humanoids can be found aplenty in India nowadays, thanks to economic liberalisation, which brought in its wake a cultural liberalisation and also communications revolution, which facilitated the spread of internet, which in turn, gave anonymity for its user, who can then spread any mischievous propaganda.  Add to this concoction a vicious, an ethic-less, a biased & an anti-Hindu (but, you guessed it right, a call-themselves-secular) media and you have the potion called "BJP & Sangh-Parivar Bashing".

Because the state was ruled by a BJP Govt. when Rama Sena did what they did - forcibly removing cigarette-smoking, drinking & dancing girls from Pubs/Night Clubs in Mangalore in the night as these are against Indian culture, these psudo-secular worthies found it offensive, against personal freedom and against women's rights.  Though drinking or smoking or dancing is one's personal choice, in Indian culture, we don't expect ladies to do such things & that too in public. Indian culture respects ladies and our scriptures give the utmost position to Mother - above Father, Teacher and God.  Moreover, the recent trend has been to prevent even males from indulging in smoking & drinking activities due to health reasons, there is no logical reason, other than just fun and pleasure, for these young ladies, who must have got influenced by the MTV culture.

So, when their own family elders did not or could not prevent them from getting astray, Rama Sena tried to do that, albeit in a forcible way.  But, instead of, at least advising those ladies, who gave these psudo-seculars the right to criticise and mount a vicious campaign only against Rama Sena?  They could have condemned the methodology of Rama Sena and urged the Govt. to initiate legal action.  If these worthies were fair-minded, they would have also advised the ladies who attended the night club & pub, to refrain from such acts in future.  But, instead, they acted in a discriminatory and vicious manner agsinst Rama Sena only.

When Rama Sena forcibly removed the women who were smoking, drinking & dancing from the pubs, many of these worthies took cudgels on "behalf" of the "affected" parties and campaigned against Rama Sena for their, what they called, "moral policing".  Though none of the affected girls have filed a single case till date against Rama Sena or anyone else, these "worthies" started a campaign called "Pink Chaddi Campaign" by asking all ladies to send a Pink Chaddi to the office of Rama Sena as a protest against Rama Sena's atrocities against women(?).  No women who was brought up in Indian culture can tolerate what these ladies did & would have dismissed the campaign call outright.  Some deranged minds might have sent "their" pink chaddis.  However, the media - both print & electronic - went to town with glee - after all this campaign is against a "Sangh Parivar" Govt.  So, how can they miss an opportunity to belittle a BJP Govt.?  More importantly, they have to be loyal to their masters, the Christian Missionaries, who fund them from abroad - is it not?  Many bloggers, who describe themselves as "women", have also actively participated in the campaign by urging all ladies to send "their" Pink Chaddis to Rama Sena.

All these campaigns, it seems, have gone in vain now.  Yes; now it is clear from the results of the election held recently to Lok Sabha that Karnataka voters, in general, and Mangalore voters (where the pub incident took place) and Bangalore voters (where the Pink Chaddi campaign happened), in particular, have SMEARED RED LIQUID on the Face of Pink Chaddi Campigners by overwhelmingly voting for the so-called communal BJP (its vote share % has also increased apaprt from the number of seats) and rejecting the psudo-secular Sonia Cong.  Importantly, the BJP has bagged all the seats in Bangalore city (the only big city/capital in India in which it won seats in this LS election) as also the entire coastal belt in Karnataka, where Mangalore is situated.

This SLAP ON THE FACE OF PINK JADDI CAMPAIGNERS by the Karnataka people has come at the right time as otherwise, these worthies, along with the biased media, would have called it their truimph due to their campaign.

Now that the results have thrown their campaign to dust, none of the media has even bothered to mention that the people have rejected such campaign outright.  And that is the reason why, I am very very happy to highlight this in my blog so that it irritates these worthies, if they happen to read this posting.  Those of you, who share my feeling, are free to refer or forward this to as many of your contacts as possible so that such facts come to the public knowledge.

Long Live Red Liquid Campaign Against Pink Chaddis.


RamKumar said...

there is also a slap on the face of the women welfare minister renuka choudry who lost her seat in the election. she is the great minister who declared that all the girls should make a pub bharo aandolan, from a party which gandhiji adorned, who was a vehement opposer of drinks this female even normal women to drink


விஜய் said...

What you have said is 100% true. May be the method they adopted was wrong. But the motive was right. If LTTE Prabhakaran can be hailed as Hero, so are Ram Sena.

Kameswara Rao said...

Hi Arun,

Good subject on which you have expressed your views again.. There is proverb in tamil "Veetla adangathathu Oorula adangidum" that is what happened when Ram Sena did. You will not have guts to go and complain for what you have done is wrong and this will instill fear and shame in you to repeat this conduct. This Pink (whatever be the color they call) cheddies are all just being done to grab the attention and a cheap act done by the Media. (especially NDTV does not miss such opportunities) As long as their activities are to curb this type of cultural atrocities its okay and they should not poke their nose in others liberty (by what the Taliban was doing at the SWAT valley .... may be I am exaggerating but it also should be checked at some point or other. Else our friends like Vijay is comparing the "Ram Sena" guys to LTTE Chief Prabakaran..

As and when women talk about expolitation, freedom and liberty they should be checked immediately not that I have a male chauvenism and all it shows that they have nothing else to do but to stir confusions and start trouble.

All the best for a good write up


rmsundaram2006 said...