Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is God?

A famous cardiac surgeon, Dr. Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayala, Bangalore, answers this billion dollar question in Sunday Times of India, Bangalore Edition.

Dr. Shetty is not only a wonderful human being and a brilliant cardiac surgeon; he also has both his legs firmly grounded and doesn't seem to get carried away with his name & fame. We need more such tribes amongst us today to remind us all that howsoever big & famous one may be, there is somebody or something above us all, which controls everything including our destiny.

Please go to the following link to read his take on God.


pradeep said...

Dear Arunji,
That doctor is absolutely correct. If there is someone who believes in God the most it must be the doctors community for they know that for the same disease the same medicine does not work in the same manner for two different persons. I belong to the same clan and i am an anesthesiologist-one who takes care of the patient in the operation theatre and in intensive care unit(ICU). We know far better than others in our profession that we are actually a big zeros and it is only GOD who decides what is to happen(that we get paid for it is a different story). I have found this to be true after i started reading the books by PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA-Autobiography of an Yogi.Divine romance, Self realization and Man's eternal Quest. He is the founder of YOGADA SATSANGA SOCIETY (YSS) in Ranchi.
Can you guess who introduced me to all these books?. It is none other than superstar through his movie BABA for which i am ever thankful to him( I got an opportunity to tell him in person in his mandapam when he had come to listen to the lecture by a Swami from YSS. It has changed my life for better. When ever you speak of natural justice i thought you must have read the book by paramahansa yogananda. If not as a fellow fan i suggest you to read it. It will do a lot of good to you(you might start meditating if you have not so for)

M Arunachalam said...

Dear Pradeep,

Thanks for your comments. I am glad to know that we have a medical professional in you amongst us Rajini fans.

One of the reasons why I posted Dr. Shetty's frank comments was that I have come across some people who are in medical profession who seem to think unlike Dr. Shetty just because they happen to be busy with patients. Though many of their patients meet with unfortunate ends, these people never tire of boasting themselves.

In such a scenario, Dr. Shetty's comments have come as a whiff of fresh air.

Reg. the book Paramahamsa Yogananda, I did buy the book some time back but I must admit that I am guilty of not finding time till now to complete it. Will try to finish soon.


Simple_Sundar said...

Arunji, excellent post. Thanks for bring this in right time to us. Pls give such post whenever you come across such articles.