Saturday, September 6, 2008

"YENDHIRAN, The Robot" - Highlights

Thalaivar's Shankar-directed Robot has been recently renamed in Tamil as "Yendhiran - The Robot". Following are rumoured to be Yendhiran's highlights.

1. First Tamil movie which is being made for the International Market
2. First Tamil movie to be shot in Peru & Brazil (song sequences)
3. Second movie (after Jeans) to be allowed to be shot in Hollywood
4. Costliest Indian movie ever to be produced (Rumoured to be upwards of Rs. 150 crores)
5. Being produced in Tamil (Yendhiran), Telugu, Hindi & English (Robot). Will also be dubbed into Japanese & Chinese
6. RAJINI WON'T HAVE FACIAL HAIRS (I'm eagerly looking forward to see Yendhiran's promo stills)
7. For Rajini fans, Yendhiran may not look like a typical Rajini film
8. About 50% of the technicians are from Hollywood
9. Mary E Vogt, who designed terrific scientific outfits for Men IN Black (MIB), Batman Returns, Inspector Gadget etc., is to design Yendhiran's outfits
10. Yuen Woo Ping, who handled stunts for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Matrix and Kill Bill, will be working for Yendhiran
11. Stan Winston Studio (USA), who did animatronics for Predator, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbour, Iron Man, Terminator and I-Robot, is to do the same for Yendhiran
12. VFX work is being handled by famous Hollywood studios like ILM, Tippet and Café EFX as also Hongkong companies like Centro and Menford. Visual Effects and Animatronics Co-Ordination to be done by Indian Artiste.
13. Yendhiran is likely to start its first shooting schedule from 8th September, 2008, and be in production for around to 2 to 2.5 years. (Does it mean we can't see Thalaivar's new avatar till at least Diwali, 2010?)

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