Monday, September 1, 2008

JV's Unethical Journalism - Survey Results

Once again, I Thank all the participants of this survey.

Following Take-aways can be established from this Survey:

JV/AV/MoronTV - These media group people are



(iii) FEARFUL OF POLITICIANS but report false news against Rajini without fear
(since they know that Rajini won't even rebut them - leave alone retaliate) and

(iv) TO BE TOTALLY BOYCOTTED by Rajini fans & other fair-minded citizens (due to the above reasons).

There were a total of 826 responses to "JV's Unethical Journalism - A Survey".

Now on to the individual Survey responses/results (Number of responses to each option is given within brackets):

1. Why JV is portraying Rajini's clarification as "apology" to Karnatka?

Invoke Rajini's name & increase its circulation - 61% (502)
Create enmity & hatred against rajini in TN in order to tarnish his public image - 30% (251)
To show its loyalty to its "Moronic" masters - 9% (73)

2. By such false reporting, JV's image has

Started falling - 32% (265)
Reached rock-bottom - 31% (257)
Alwyas an Yellow Magazine - 37% (304)

3. Recent attack by JV/AV on Rajini is due to

Opportunism to arrest the slide in their circulation - 56% (461)
To help "Moronic" masters for their long-term nefarious desings - 26% (217)
Vengence against Rajini for not giving any interview to them - 18% (148)

4. Who is smart in using Rajini's name without his permission to increase circulation & profit?

Jaundice Vikatan (JV) - 64% (530)
AndaPulugu Vikatan - 18% (148)
Moron TV - 18% (148)

5. Why JV/AV is FEARFUL of taking on politicians?

Being burnt alive - 48% (392) (Is Dinakaran episode still fresh in people's memory?)
Auto-rickshw attack - 28% (233)
Acid attack - 24% (201)

6. Does JV/AV Group have any journalistic ethics or morality?

Had it till its founder-owners controlled it - 43% (358)
Never had - 29% (236)
No - 28% (232)

7. Are they (JV/AV) capable of practicing ethical journalism?

No - 48% (402)
Present "Moron" masters will NOT allow - 27% (220)
Yellow Journos can't practice ethical journalism - 25% (204)

8. Why public perceive the "present" JV/AV group as Yellow Magazines?

Personal attacks on celebrities like Rajini to gain circulation & to avenge personal grudges - 48% (396)
Since they are practicing unethical/immoral ways - 37% (306)
Vested interests are controlling their editorial independence - 15% (124)

9. How come still this JV/AV group enjoy some good-will from the public?

Due to their past under founder-owners - 55% (451)
People don't care - 30% (254)
People don't know the behind-the-scenes shenanigans - 15% (121)

10. Best way for Rajini fans & others to retaliate against these morons

Boycott JV/AV Group of Publications (incl. their TV serials) - 47% (333+57)
Additionally, also Boycott Moron TV Group - 53% (436)


suki said...

arun ji.
finally your efforts have fructified, and i do hope that our anger had reached the ears of authority and could sense some change(opportunistic )in the magazines part....good work

Simple_Sundar said...

Arun, Send this survey page url to Vikatan group. They will hang themselves. And that day would be the dawn for tamil nadu.

M Arunachalam said...

Suneel - Thanks mate.

SundarJi - Do you really think so? Even to hang oneself, one has to be provoked into doing so. Such a provocation will come only when one has some amount of self-respect & shame left.

I don't think these morons have either. They run their mags purely based on "what i get in return?" basis.

Anyway, I will send it to all such media sites, without expecting any of them to publish it. After all, they are all partners in crime - is it not?


pradeep said...

hats off for your wonderful survey. Please send it to all media houses and let them know what we think of them. I think calling them morons is a flattery as they are worse than that. may be we all should call anybody idiotic and with a perverted mind=vikatan. For ex Marans are vikatans

கிரி said...

கலக்கிடீங்க :-)

iLearn said...

Hi Arun
First hats off for protesting against the media mafia in a most innovative and democratic fashion.
Did you notice something? The number of responses to Vikatan's survey is 6000+.
This is not a surprise when Vikatan group "claims" their magazine comes close to Kumudam's circulation. Given that Vikatan's readership might be in lakhs, this number is very small.

However, what surprised me a lot is the number of responses for your survey. It was 802, which is nearly 15% of Vikatan's. Given that you promoted your survey only mainly through Sundar's website ( and that too only for 1-2 days, this number comes as a big surprise.

I can clearly see that our group (fans of rajini) is slowly gaining the power/voice and this is going to be death blow to magazines like JV/Reporter etc.

PS: I long back stopped reading Kumudam, JV, AV etc... The stats I gave above about Vikatan's survey was collected from

-Satish K V

M Arunachalam said...

Pradeep/Giri/Satish - Thank you very much.

Satish - I am humbled but NOT surprised by this overwhelming response of 800+ participation in the survey on JV.

As you say, its around 13% of what JV, with all its might, could garner. THIS IS ON ACCOUNT OF THE COLLECTIVE HURT FELT BY RAJINIFANS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I have a feeling that all these things might ultimately turnout to be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE for Thalaivar & his Fans.



Kalyan said...

Good work arun..

Lets send the link to one and all

SAnjevSpl said...

Well done , Please make efforts to send this one to JV/AV/Moron TV .

Jonathan Nicholas said...

Fanstastic work Arun sir. This will teach all morons a lesson. Iam publishing this survey in all possible places with your URL.

Kudos once again.


Vinith said...

I hate Gnani's article on rajni. He is a pessimist. He said Abhinav Bindra has not achieved something great that the whole india should be proud of.

His article about rajni was rather irritating...

Good job Arun.